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Facade products designed to endure the Rocky Mountain climate.
Beauty and strength, and an average 40 year warranty

Our Products

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STENI Colour is a fibre-glass reinforced cured polymer composite panel with a core of crushed natural stone.

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Nichiha is the perfect partner in bringing your vision to life. Our panels also provide an engineered rainscreen and a simple clip installation system.

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Our homes are all customizable. You have the choice between our basic designs, or to upgrade to any of our options to best suit your needs.

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About our product

Robust, flexible and lightweight façade panel. It is also easy to clean and extremely durable. we combine substances, with differing characteristics, to produce a superior performing material. The panels are hardened and given a smooth and environmentally friendly surface of impact-resistant and frost resistant acrylic. The result is a strong, beautiful, stable and durable façade panel.


Our panels can be recycled, and tests show they are extremely environmentally friendly.

Frost resistant

Our can withstand extreme temperatures and can be worked and bent down to -30°C.

Pollution resistant

Our panels can withstand all chemical compounds normally occurring in the air and in precipitation

Water resistant

Our panels can be immersed in water for long period without damage.

UV protect

Our double electron beam hardened surface provides the best colour-fastness over time.

Washable surface

Easy to remove graffiti. Our high-gloss panels can be used as a whiteboard.

Shock protection

Our panels can withstand normal abuse from play and ball games.

Fire protection

Fire class B-s1, d0 and Class 0 – BS 476

brannis structure solutions fs100 vertical

FS 100 (1,195 x 2,395 Vertical)

brannis structure solutions fs200 bevel

FS 200 (595 x 1,195 bevel siding)

brannis structure solutions protego

Protego (595 x 595)

brannis structure solutions fs100 horizontal

FS 100 (1,195 x 2,395 Horizontal)

brannis structure solutions combination


brannis structure solutions combination

Combination (1,195 x 2,395)

brannis structure solutions fs100 horizontal

FS 100 (595 x 1,195 Horizontal)

brannis structure solutions fs200

FS 200 (195 x 2,395 bevel siding)

And many more!


Easy installation

Time saving Clip Installation System that reduces construction time and minimizes mistakes.

No mortar, no mess

Prefinished panels that eliminate the need for messy mortar or costly masonry-skilled labour.

Any weather product

Products that can be installed year-round in any climate across the country. No geographical restriction means more possibilities.


Backed by some of the best warranties in the industry. Strong 50-year limited warranty.

Low maintenance

No-fuss products. Little ongoing cleaning or regular maintenance needed. You get to bring your vision to life and ensure it looks great for a long time.

Engineered for performance

Go beyond our durable panels and discover a management system that provides a vertical drainage point for air and moisture to exit.

60 colours with Steni. Unlimited colour matching with Nichiha

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